The Wonder of Wonder Woman: Movie Recap

Fab Score: 4 of 5

(Contains spoiler)

Tom Cruise's "The Mummy" hit Indonesia cinemas yesterday - earlier than the international openings - and movie enthusiasts rushed to watch it. I went to the cinema yesterday, searching for affordable entertainment. I did not know that "The Mummy" opened yesterday and honestly did not quite interest to watch it. I had watched Tom acting as a soldier, lover, one-eyed Nazi colonel, secret agent, space scientist, and many other roles, so the prospect of seeing him as a mummy-defender archaeologist did not quite tempt me, at least not now. Sorry folks, not a member Cruise crush groupies.

Love these posters series. All portray Diana Prince as a fierce, strong and courageous superheroine

However, I was dying to see Wonder Woman. Most reviews praised it as a heartwarming girl-power movie comboed with testoteronic actions. As promising as it sounds, it was not my reason to come to the cinema yesterday. I had to see Wonder Woman because it is the first superheroine movie in the last few decades: how many times we see a heroine in movie? We have seen (and arguably had enough) of bulky man-heroes in their tight spandex costumes but a lady with a sword and iron armors? Well, that is new.

It was a pleasuring experience, more than I expected. I enjoyed the fight-scenes and the drama-parts are touchy enough. It is imperfect, of course, but highly enjoyable. Here are some personal comments I have about the movie.

Gal Gadot is P-E-R-F-E-C-T
By all means. On screen and off screen. Kudos for Zack Snyder for casting her. Rumors previously stated that Megan Fox was going to take this role, I don't see as much wonder in her as in Gal Gadot. Megan was okay in Transformers but her long acting history as a girl who need to be saved by her boyfriend from evils are not convincing enough for her to play Wonder Woman.

Can't think of anyone else to play Diana Prince. Gal Gadot is an excellent choice!

Gal Gadot, in the other hand, is a much better choice. I think a lot of people will agree; she is witty, charming, beautiful and strong. As a former Miss Israel and had served 2 years in military, I personally see Gal already posses such traits - also making her a natural Wonder Woman in real life. Seeing her on the big screen itself is already a mind-soothing experience. She resembles Wonder Woman wonderfully. This is definitely a big break for her (compare to minor roles she previously had including in Fast and Furious) and I would love to see her taking another more serious roles; dramas could be a must-try genre for her. Remember how Jessica Chastain got her Oscar? Gadot could follow Chastain's steps. Nevertheless, I look forward to see her in Justice League and more Wonder Woman movies as the one and only female heroine in "Man's World".

There are few buzzes on the internet complaining about her breasts size but honestly boys, I think a female warrior with supersized bosoms, trying to swoosh her sword and kick some Nazis is a pain to see. You are wonderful, Gal. Keep going on.

Great job, Patty Jenkins!
Jenkins has long history in television and this is her second movie since Monster (2003). Just like Gadot, I reckon this movie is a massive deal for Jenkins and I must say she succeeds. Wonder Woman reminds me of Kathryn Bigelow and her The Hurt Locker which eventually gave her the golden man. Wonder Woman might not gives Jenkins the Oscar, but it will certainly help to boost her career as a female cinematographer.

In the beginning I thought Zack Snyder was the director until I saw the credit title. Some special effects such as super slow motion is a Snyder's trademark. It is quite hard to escape from this bias but all aspects in this film is well-balanced, making Wonder Woman covers all aspect of a persuasive movie. I must praise Jenkins for her formula, I did work for me. She suceed crafting Gal Gadot as the Diana Prince we knew: ambassador of love - the title crowned for her in the original DC Comics, and a warrior of justice.

I am surprised to hear that she would not direct the sequel. I mean, she did a pretty darn good job. It is good to see female cinematographer trying to direct such "hardcore" movie. 

Chris Pine a.k.a Steve Trevors: The Sweet but weak sidekick?
Some people complained that Pine is not an "equal" lover / sidekick for Gadot - he even seems slightly shorter than her. But I see what the filmmaker tries to tell: this is about Wonder Woman, the superheroine, not her lover. It succeed as a visual cue; putting Diana in the spotlight so audience can see her strength and naïve personality although not everybody gets it. We are absurdly accustomed to see the gentle, alpha male lover who protects his girlfriend. Needless to say, it is too cliché. This is about a lady with a shield who can bang a military tank like cake dough. Pine performed good and sweet as expected though; his blue-sky eyes never fail to impress anyone.

As lovers, there are strong chemistry and love between Diana and Steve
but Diana shines more in this relationship

The clay problem
In the movie it is said that Diana was made of clay and Zeus brought her to life. This is what Diana's "mother", Queen Hippolyta told her. The queen also explains that the Amazons were created by the gods, which thus explaining the absence of men in their home island Themyscira. As the movie progresses, we know that this is untrue; Diana is - like Ares the main antagonist - a child of Zeus.
But the queen once called General Antiope, Diana's mentor, as her sister which ensure me to refer their relationships as siblings. Call me an overthinker, but does not this suggest that the queen and the general have the same mother, which furthermore questions their "creation" by the gods?

CGI: Too much?
When Jurassic World released, it seemed to me that the CGI in that movie was not fully polished, it looked bland and too artificial (it was a fantasy movie, I get it, but the purpose of CGI is to make fantasies believable, isn't it?). Unfortunately, I noticed similar issue with Wonder Woman; CGI special effects look quite "rough". Action parts are well-choreographed but the backgrounds seem too artificial and China-made, causing minor distraction at the whole experience. I resemble this issue with starring at Samsung's AMOLED screen; it's over-realism makes it looks fake.

Themyscira: the home of Diana Prince. It looks like the mixture of The Lord of The Ring's Rivendell
and Avatar's Pandora.

What's next?

I fall in love with Wonder Woman since her initial appearance on last year Batman versus Superman and I feel the need of more female superheroine. It would be nicer to see more variants of storyline; good guy versus bad guy is too common we start to lose interest watching these movies. Marvel already took the cake too much, leaving DC a little space to improvise in this repetitive genre (3 Spiderman trilogy reboots in 15 years? Come on!) Justice League is another giant we're expecting to see. The good performance of the later DC's movies gives me a promise that it will be pleasing to watch. 

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