Oldie but goodie: The Nanny Diaries (2007) - vs. my own life

On the night of the Christmas Day, due to feeling utterly bored, I search through my film collections and decided to watch one. It was a quick and random decision, I didn't even notice the cover until I put the disc into my laptop.

Apparently I picked out "The Nanny Diaries" a drama film starring Scarlett Johansson, Laura Linney and Chris Evans. I was surprised to see that Black Widow and Captain America were dating back in 2007. I was reminded why I owned this movie - because I already bought the novel (it was on sale) and I laughed my head off when reading it. I thought I had watched it once for sure, but I was quite blurry about the plot so I went straight on.

The Nanny Diaries' movie poster (left) and book cover (right)
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Overall, I like this movie. You know what people say, everything happens for a reason. Let me walk you why I thought there was a special reason in the happenstance I picked out The Nanny Diaries.

The Nanny Diaries told a story about a young college graduate, Annie Braddock. She has a major in anthropology (quite unusual, eh?) So, just like many other fresh graduates, Annie - urged by her mother - decided to apply for some jobs. She had interviewed but didn't make it because she was nervous and unable to answer the classic interview-standard question: "Tell me about yourself!"

I started to feel the connection at this part. Just like Annie - I was asking the exact same questions to myself after I graduated: Who am I? What I want to become? These obviously sound like simple questions but sadly they bother me as I - still, like Annie - couldn't answer them.

An "accident" lead Annie to meet Mrs. X, a rich mom from Upper East Side, played by Laura Linney and her son, Grayer. Shortly, Mrs. X offered Annie to watch over Grayer a.k.a become a nanny. Annie felt doubt but she realized that she needed to "calm" her mother down because she screwed the interview. Finally Annie decided to take the job and move to The X's residence.

The life of a nanny for a rich family is far beyond Annie's vision. She was probably hoping for a harmonious, loving and caring family life, but she was wrong. On the X's definition, a nanny's duty is to look after their son, 24/7. Annie was struck, especially when she found out how neglectful and arrogant Grayer's parents are. On the bright side, she met a "Havard Hottie" Captain America who lived next floor. After a few meetings inside the elevator, they were dating. The problem emerged as Annie couldn't manage her time fairly for her family, friends and boyfriend because she must dedicating herself almost exclusively for Grayer.

The Nanny Diaries Scarlett Johansson
Annie was not just a regular nanny. She was classified as the "third class" nanny,
the one that take care all the kid's need, 24/7
Image source: fanpop.com

I was struck too. When I review my current life, I realize how identical  mine with Annie's is. Since I returned to Tomohon, I dedicated myself fully to look after my parents. I lost most of my friends and I no longer have a promising career. Although with all of that, Annie is still two points ahead of me because she had a job with certain income and a cute boyfriend. Three if you also count the living in Manhattan part.

In one occasion Annie caught Mr. X having an affair with another woman. She decided not to tell Mrs. X. Nonetheless the X's relationship started to boil when Mr. X told his wife that he would spend more time dealing with his businesses. The fights started to rolled out. Annie and Grayer became the victims of Mrs. X's rage. One night Grayer had a high fever. Annie tried to contact Mrs. X who was in a spa but didn't get pick up so she called her mother. Annie's mom was a nurse. Annie and her mother took care of the boy until Mrs. X returned home. Annie told Mrs. X about her son's sickness and introduced her mother but the lady neglected them and went straight to bed. Her mother advised Annie to leave the job but Annie refused because she was care a lot about Grayer and can't let him to be abandoned by his own parents.

Harvard Hottie also asked Annie to spend some time on a holiday with him. They rarely spent long time together mostly because Annie was often summoned by Mrs. X. She refused because of Grayer and H.H. decided to "pause" their relationship.

Things were getting worse when Mr. X tried to molest Annie on the family vacation in Nantucket. Annie made her mind and decided to leave the family. Before she left, she sent a message for Mrs. X using the nanny cam which was implanted inside a teddy bear in Grayer's bedroom. She reminded them about parenthood and Grayer. Mrs. X saw the message and decided to leave her husband and started a new life with Grayer. Later on she apologized to Annie through a mail delivered by Hayden, the real name of Harvard Hottie. Mrs. X also revealed her name at the end of the letter. It was Alexandra.

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans - The Nanny Diaries
Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans were playing a couple in this movie.
Image source: virtual-history.com

 I'm moving in the same direction like Annie here but I'm not sure yet whether I'd like to continue like she did. Most of the time I feel like I'm over my limit. Taking care the parents costs so much of oneself. Even after a year, I still can't figure out what I'm going to do with my life here, in Tomohon, besides giving my life for my parents. Deep inside my heart I still want to go out, conquer the world and reach towards my dreams. However as Annie when she felt she couldn't leave The X's for Grayer, I feel the same. I care for my parents, probably too much, I just don't know.

In the end of the movie, Annie decided to proceed to graduate school. She lived in Manhattan with H.H. There was one quote from her I like the most:

"There's a common belief among anthropologists that you must immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world in order to truly understand your own."

The Nanny Diaries might seems like a simple drama but surprisingly I found some major resemblances with my current life. I feel that Annie Braddock is me, the only difference is that she finally found out what she wanted, while I'm still searching. The movie is quite similar with the book so I didn't found any disturbing gaps. I highly recommend it for those who are looking for a light entertainment, or just curious about life.

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