Haters blog: Love it or hate it?

Haters gonna hate. Bloggers gonna blog
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I found something interesting when did a Google search of the casts from The Big Bang Theory a couple days ago. Besides the fact that Wikipedia provides comprehensive information about the casts and the fictional characters they're playing (and many other related things too), a blog showed up and caught my attention. It was not a big dot com blog but it has extensive posts about celebrities. I will not share the blog's address here (on the ground it may incriminate me, LOL) but it was a blog about washed-up celebrities. Or maybe just celebrities the blog author thought no longer exist under the spotlight.

I read one post from the blog, about Mayim Bialik posted in 2011. For those who don't know her (seriously?) she portrayed my second favourite character from The Big Bang Theory: Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. (Sheldon Cooper beyond doubt is my number one). The article discusses Bialik's career since her first debut in NBC's series Blossom in 1990. The author oddly pointed out a period of her career between Blossom and The Big Bang Theory - years of less acting jobs. The author probably concluded that, due to the long break from one big acting career to another, Bialik is washed-up.

Some pictures of the young Bialik and her present look also inserted in the article, with hard commentaries upon her physical transformation. The negative atmosphere of the article consequently triggered various reaction from the web. I spent quite some time scrolling through these comments. Most of them criticized the article and put some good defense about Bialik. I already knew from Wikipedia that Bialik is also a real neuroscientist, with a Phd from UCLA.

As a fan of her, you might think that this post will be biased. I will not criticize the blog itself nor its articles. Well I tempted to, but no thank you. I respect the author's freedom to post anything he / she likes, actual or fictional. I also understand that Bialik's fans love her. I myself think that she's a talented personality. To split time and attention for a career acting and neuroscience and become successful in both area sounds weary enough. If it was easier everyone could have done it, couldn't they?

What concerns me is the blog itself. Everyone could have a blog and post anything on it, from gardening tips to porn or quantum physics. Here are two reasons why I think haters blog is bad.

1. They spread hatred. Pretty obvious, isn't it? Like the world is not evil enough. As I widen my investigation, I find the contents are mostly very negative, rude and insulting. These blogs are here in the web and everybody can easily access them. Human being are easily persuaded. These blog contents could potentially cause unnecessary hatred inside of us if we don't digest them carefully. What we need to be reminded is that everything has two sides, including celebrities. For the authors,  I can't imagine having consistent level of hatred to write such articles without end up as hateful persons.

2. Fact or fiction? These blogs talking about real people, not fairies or unicorns. Okay, some are already dead. They present negative ideas which could probably fictional. I realize this when I read the comments. There were a lot of contra-arguments. For example from the Bialik's article there was a photo of her when she was pregnant. The author called her FAT. Yeah, pregnant women look fat, I understand the confusion. It was just ridiculous. You see, although some twisted facts could be extremely annoying, some could be funny too!

I try to be objective here. There are also bright sides from haters blogs. Here are my thoughts.

1. They're excellent in luring visitors in. Some of these blogs have hit counters and the numbers are amazing. Although some are no longer be updated, the hits keep going on. There were hundreds of comments on each posts. The authors also smart enough to take advantage on these visits. I notice ads banners all around the blog. This phenomena opened my eyes and shook me. People love controversy, especially when only one side is presented. Who knows other people flaws and weakness could draw specific income and popularity?

2. The authors undoubtedly are attentive investigators. Maintaining blog is not an easy task. Having a celebrity haters blog means you have to regularly supply posts about celebrities' weaknesses - something that you hate about them and the main recipe of the blog. We all know that celebrities do not enjoy being exposed like that. So the authors must had done quite research here, although most are not facts oriented.

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I think critics don't always have to be in negative forms. I understand that it's the matter of methodology: some people could only be "moved" by negative forms of critics. I saw how my Math teacher used this method all the time to the "rebellious" kids in our school. But some with softer hearts might feel insulted instead of motivated. I do believe that kind words are rarely fail. Subtlety: the skill of wrapping critics in positive forms is needed here. 

In the end, I think it's all coming back to us. We decide what we want to read on the internet. These haters blogs exist, so like many other blogs do. For me, haters blogs have their own freedom. As a fellow blogger, I respect them. Technically speaking, their blogs are excellent. What we need to realize is that we are presented with so many grey things today, especially on the internet and judging is not an easy task.

PS: I'm sorry if my English is flawed. It's not my mother tongue. I understand that I did promise to write more in Bahasa. This post is a part of writing project I do to force myself to write in English for a week. 

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