10 Fictional Characters I wish were real and what I will tell them

Okay, this beyond doubt is the most ridiculous article I ever post in this blog, but I'm a true TV series and movie fan and I love these characters. They're widely known and certainly loved. I've been following their "lives" since the beginning (a.k.a first season) until now, I feel very connected to them. I understand that they're fictional but hey, fictions are often based on reality, right?

So this morning I had this funny idea, how if they were real. Like exist in this planet and I could meet them in person. I grabbed my smartphone and start to jot down my ten favorite fictional characters, plus my reasons to meet them. I also include the first sentence I'll say to them. Here we go.

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1. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.
"Hi Dr. Cooper. I envy your brain!"

Okay, my friends have been telling me that I am naturally attracted to intelligent person because I'm an Aquarian. Despite Sheldon probably wouldn't care to such superstitious thing - as he often claimed himself as a real scientist - I'll still tell him anyway. Having 187 IQ is awesome, although it seems to reduce your common human capabilities. Oh, I will also ask him how many flags are in this world and how human race will survive when the sun dies.

Img source: instyle.co.uk2. Lady Mary Crawley - Downton Abbey
"May I apply as a permanent footman in the house, my lady?"

The Crawleys are not just aristocratic, but they're also cool. Living in a castle? Ringing bells for tea? Wearing two super classy different suits in a day? Speaking in exotic accents? You tell me. I realize that such lifestyle is no longer exist in modern England - or is it? - but I really want to join the house, even just as the downstairs member. Although I will not reject the chance to go upstairs, even that means I should marry Lady Edith. LOL.

Img source: thegoodwife.wikia.com3. Eli Gold - The Good Wife
"How you did all that, Mr. Gold?"

Many people consider Eli as a hypocrite, even he himself admitted it once but look how such attitude leads him. I will not deny the sly and evil aura Eli radiates throughout the series, it's just he seems like a very smart guy in some ways. He also has loyalty - a viable value so rare these days. I like his "flexibility" and I believe that skill isn't taught in schools, that's why I'm tempted to ask. Chances he will not tell me though.

4. Dr. Christina Yang - Grey's Anatomy
Img Source: pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com"Hello big sister!"

We have so many resemblance. Okay, skip the Asian and intelligence part. I may not be as smart as her but according to my friends, we possess the similar bluntness. I think Christina is not as complicated as what people think of her. On the contrary, she seems rather simple. She knows what she wants and how to achieve it. She was real but people call her rude because she didn't polish her words. Too bad Shonda Rhimes shut her character down in season 10.

Img source: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/5. Bilbo Baggins - The Hobbit
"Have you lost your mind?"

I undertand he didn't forge the ring in Mordor, he just found it. How unfortunate! That ring he found lead to three other movies and over 8 hours of chaos. Imagine what will happen if Bilbo never trick Gollum and took the ring. That damned thing would only end up in the cave when Gollum died, and Sauron - well, he could just sit in his tower, looking all over the place. Frodo will never make that quest. But don't call me a hero-hater, I also admire our burglar's courage and compassion.

6. Bridget Jones - Bridget Jones' Diary
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"Fuck them both Bridget! And get a real life!"

Okay, she's not from a TV series, but movies. I understand. She's so lovely, that's why I include her in. I think we all could agree on that, especially when Reneé decided to portray this nearly-forever single, thirty something London gal. Her ups-and-downs relationships with both Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy depleted all my patience. If none of them boys could put a ring on your finger, just fuck them off Miss Jones and go find another gentleman!

Img source: http://i.ndtvimg.com/7. Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock
"Are you single, Mr. Holmes?"

Thinking is the new sexy, that's his motto. And sexy it is! Sherlock wasn't quite attractive for me until Benedict Cumberbatch took the role and plays it so very graceful, I simply fell head over heels with this character. This is related with my inclination towards intelligent character. Our detective here has two plus points: a cool accent and total sexiness. Yes, that makes me want to marry him if Watson is willing to step back. When he stared at me he would probably know my feeling anyway.

Img source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com8. Galina "Red" Reznikov - Orange Is The New Black 
"All hail the Queen!"

The most ferocious and formidable female Rusky out there. She taught me a very valuable life lesson: you do not mess with Mother Russia. Red had some hard times in the series but she always proves us that she is undefeatable. Red is different, she has this strategic mind that always comes out with plans and not like other inmates, she is not easily tempted with lust. She stands against bully too. It's just amazing to see how many lessons prison can teach us.

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9. Jamal Lyon - Empire
"I got you, baby. I got you."

He sings, he's cute, he's rich. And gay. How come all the positive traits that we could possibly imagine, could be found in one single person? People have been mistreated Jamal in his entire life - or, to be more specific, two seasons. And the bullies too. In fact, I think Jamal is the real good guy in the family. His only weakness probably his delicate feeling, which is easily manipulated. Seeing all the bad things happen to Jamal makes me want to hug him and, like his Mama did, tell him that he got me and I'll always be his friend.

Img source: dailymail.co.uk10 Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones 
"You should running for election in Indonesia, Khaleesi."

We've seen so many great leaders in this world and Dany would certainly join the team if she in fact existed. The way she overcomes all those obstacles arouse me. Not just problems but she also tackle dragons down. People say that true leaders are born not made. Dany was born as a leader by blood and made to be one by what she faced. Dany possessed all the qualities needed to run for elections in Indonesia: she has the citizen of cities she conquered, she has the muscles (and a fire-breathing dragon), her pile of golds are more than enough to buy tees and lunchboxes for campaigns and she has the charm. Although chances are she'll be reluctant to running for Indonesia, I highly suspect that she will end as the leader of the Iron Throne. I bet the Stark girls for that.

Eventually, I have to be aware that, no matter how hard I wish them real, these characters are fictional. They do not exist in real world. I salute their creators, for created so many vivid characters with various interesting characters. It's certainly been a pleasure to get to know all of them :)

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