Playlist: This Week Eargasm Singles

Brokenhearted - Karmin
From cover artists to real singer, this duo couple makes me really speechless! They really bring back the edgy pop culture - with their styles and compositions. The music is so smooth and catchy, thanks to Amy's crunchy vocal! You might find that the title is a bit tricky but don't worry, it's not Adele's "Someone Like You", so... Enjoy!

Crash Your Party - Karmin
I know it sounds unfair to make it double for Karmin (and quite late) But hey, they're really rocks! Pop mixed with Rap? All you wanna do is tapping your finger toes!
*Ps: Karmin's brand new original album "Hello" is available on May 8. Check out your iTunes!

One Thing - One Direction
Album: Up All Night (2012)
To get to know them, read my full post about their album review here. It's an upbeat with no-no electro touch. Pure band. A real, cheerful ears-popping song from a sophomore, yet to become huge boyband.

Automatic - Nicky Minaj
Album: Roman Reloaded (2012)
Beez in the Trap is roughly too "hard" and Starship is long-away doomed, so I picked up this one. There's a splash of David Guetta's glance -and reminds me quite much with the KPop wave, but it's still Minaj (Uh!). A softer, middle-level electro pop, hardly recommended for those looking for a substitute.

Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood
Album: Blown Away (2012)
The Nashville country goddess is return with her 4th album. No significant change over her tracks, but this one is really kicking-out. The lyric is simple, comboed with Underwood shaggy-stunning vocal plus an old-school country arrangement resulting something really impressive.

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