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The popular prophecy told us the end of everything – the doomsday – is on its way coming around December 2012 – which is actually next year. Well, for me it wouldn’t be next year. It is now. It is happening. Yes, seriously.
I had posted another story about doomsday before. In that post, I crowned the early of 2011 as the era of failure, hard work and no achievement. Sadly, now I have to crown the middle of 2011 with the same title. Welcome to my the depression era! Woohoo!
My life has currently turned into a gloomy version of Rachel Berry’s on mid season of Glee. Being rejected all over by everyone. I thought my condition couldn’t get any worse. Check these out:

In the first place, I supposed to have my internship program by now (from June to August. The summer vocation, yeah), but I didn’t get one. I must say I was being idealistic. I refused all chances to work as Graphic Designers. It was simply because I wanted to work in my related field: Cinematography. I was cheated myself a bit. …