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My [Current] Bucket List

Firstly, some of you might wonder what is a bucket list. Well, obviously it isn’t a piece of paper you bring when visiting a grocery store. Or your mother list of pancake recipes. I’m getting silly here, so let’s just cut it off. 

Abucket list, is your list of wishes. The jargon literally taken from the movie with the same title “The Bucket List” starring Anthony Hopkins (if I’m not mistaken). Technically, you put in all the things you wish to have, everything you wish to do. Let’s say “The Bucket List” is a list you would love to give to Santa on Christmas.

I’ve been thinking recently, and I thought maybe it’s good idea to share my own bucket list online. Probably I might find someone (let’s called that stranger “The Fairy Godmother”) who likely to grant me all of that. You never know when your lucky day is. So, [finger crosses] let’s start.
"Joe's Bucket List" 
1.MILLIONS of MONEY to effort my study abroad. Yes, I’m dying for this. I always wanna go abroad, since in junio…