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The List That Should Not Be Published

In June 2012, Ray and I are going to celebrate our 10 years anniversary of friendship. It's been a decade! Plus 6th Anniversary of The Ultimate Tambios (T.U.T) – our singing trio. Time went so fast! We’re grown up men now. I realize that this celebration sounds pretty awkward for most men or BFF, but I feel like we REALLY SHOULD celebrate something that special called friendship. Simply because it’s hard to find real friends these days,  in this era where egoism reigned every single person in the planet. I’ve told them so many times, I don’t think I could survive this crazy life without my boys around.
We have had bittersweet moments, and not to mention another tons of craziness. All those laughs, jokes and sadness... Today the six of us (to know who we are, just check my Facebook profile. I had enlisted all of them in “BFF”) have been separated in different parts of the world. The only way we could keep in touch is through internet (thank heaven for that thing). For  next year cel…


KEJADIAN LUCU HARI INI – 31 Mei 2011 (Part I)

Does that title sound a bit self-centric?
Duh, literally. 
It simply because I have no idea what to put as title, let’s wish that better idea would come up as I finish writing this story.
What’s up Land-of-Fab? After weeks of uncertainty (from me and Ray), we decide finally to write again. I would not force ourselves like I did, to publish at least 2 articles weekly. It made me fantasizing about fake story sometimes. Well, for some persons everyday life is an interesting story but no, I won’t fill this blog with something like that and thus turn it into online diary. 
I’m not in the mood of speaking English right now, so let’s just switch the subtitle into:
Hang on. Where’s the subtitle submenu?
Oh. Here. Nah...
Bahasa. Ok.
Hahaha.... rasanya lebih lega. Well, sebenarnya gw ngga ngerasa keberatan sih pake dua bahasa, tapi biar lebih cozy aja sih. Err, it’s hard to speak fully Bahasa. It would be billingual (pardon my ass). So, let’s start with:
KEJADIAN LUCU HARI INI – 31 Mei 2011 (Par…