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Idol Recap: Season 10 Top 11 Goes Motown

Album Review: 'Remember' Jennifer Hudson?

What do you know about Jennifer Hudson? Facts: American Idol alum, Oscar and Grammy Winner. What do you remember about her? Plus size talented female artist with gigantic vocal. When you take a look and listen to her right now, can you remember the way you remembered her? No, you can’t. Well, it’s still all her, mostly mid-tempos, but shrank in size and surprises.
It wouldn’t be a very bright and happy face after listened to “I Remember Me”. Yes it is a pure R&B album, unfortunately with No preservatives music ingredients. Unlike the self-titled debut which did won a Grammy for Best R&B Album, this sophomore just don’t come up with all the possible experiments in soul train, hip-hop touch, up-tempos and pop sparks (an extra credit for bringing back the gospel style in ‘Believe’ cover, turning the ole country song by the unstoppable Brooks & Dunn in such a brilliant way). Would it be a threat? Commercially it’s in your hand, music buyers. Critically, 65% yes. There are doz…

Things You Should Have When You're Back in 80's

Things You Should Have When You're Back in 80's by Metamorphosis featuring rhinestone jewelry
As a reflection of today's fashion, which is - I thought - quite much inspired from the past, I composed this. It's my 3rd trial, actually, so sorry if it's still messed all around. Enjoy. xoxo

Boyband Fever: The SM*SH Effect

I’m gonna start this article – as usual – with a question.
Who is patient enough to keep up with Indonesia music industry phenomena, any of you?
No one?
So am I.
I gave up and quit long-long time ago, even since I was in elementary school. Since that day, I decide to keep up with West music. Let’s just be open here, ok? They’re much more impressive. Definitely.
You might wonder what’s the correlation among the title of this article and things I’m talking on here. Indonesia music industry never been this attractive to me, until now. I start to umm, catch this glance when the boyband era begin. This so I called “boyband-era” started around 2008 when dozen of boybands showed up on stage and got thousands of fans.Their singles roaming all over the country. The name of the band could almost be listed alphabetically: it covers all letters – from A to Z. After their debut album, they got disappeared and the new band would replace them. 
None of them ever be eye-catching enough for me. I mean, they…

Fashionista or Fashion-victim?

Penting nggak sih keep up sama fashion?
Mungkin kalian nyadar, kalo semua anak gaul zaman sekarang memiliki seragam wajib yang pasti dipake kemana-mana:
1. Skinny jeans 2. Kacamata gede berbingkai tebel
Kedua fashion items itu kayaknya wajib punya bagi siapa aja yang pengen dapet predikat “stylish”. Selain itu, masih ada lagi fashion items yang jadi trademark today’s youth generation: kemeja kotak-kotak, tas tangan gede or tas kanvas dan sneakers. Bukan Cuma outfits, dari segi style pun ada beberapa standard look: emo haircut or bob for girls dan curly (gimbal) yang belakangan juga ikut-ikutan nge-tren. Berbagai benda-benda yang “wajib” menjadi pelengkap style ini juga kembali bermunculan: vespa, Lomo camera with its unique effect, helm batok dan iPod – yang gw anggap sebagai “reinkarnasi” tape yang dulu sering digotong-gotong anak-anak 80’s. Blackberry is an special exception. 
Entah disadari atau tidak, tren ini, khususnya fashion, sebelumnya udah pernah ada sekitar dua puluh-tiga pulu…