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Damn It's Hot! Hold It Against Me vs. Born This Way

In this era of video-streaming, we think battle amongst music video is a must. Besides, the promotion and publication of music video is wide-spread worldwide, every singer compete for early date-release for their MV. Though the song itself got rough beats, with the support of eye-catching music video, it could boost up the fame of both singer and their singles.

So the hottest competition in music industry probably goes to the coronation of who is going to be the Next Pop Queen. We all know for certain that, the era of Madonna is ending. So who is going to be crowned for that sophomore title?

There are several candidates here but the most severe clash would be among Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. So sorry if Katy Perry has not listed yet. She still has lots to prove.

Both Britney and Gaga released their single on close moment. Britney took the date first, maybe to show of her seniority in pop. Let’s take a look on their MV.
“If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”
The …

Playlist: 5 Eargasm Singles This Week

Speechless – Alicia Keys ft. Eve After the sophisticated breakthrough of “Empire State of Mind”, Alicia is back on her basic track.  This song reminds me on her early singles, but with a touch of maturity. RnB plain. And so she picked Eve for duet. This song is so Alicia. Plus her piano of course. The words telling me that, it is a love song. An expression of thankful, finding so this long-waited boy (Who is he, Alicia?) Steady and neat, nothing really special for me on this song. No such huge innovation. It is just because the difference is very deep, respectively to “Empire State of Mind”. On that Grammy-winner song, Alicia put a quite dark-disco beat while on this one, she play safely. Still cozy on ears but I start to get bored on the fourth repetition.

Till The World Ends – Britney Spears The title tells it all. This (ex-)Pop Queen is seeing doomsday on her career. I mean, come on Brit! I appreciate her effort to keep up with today pop trends but hey, if other “senior” singer could r…