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IDOL RECAP: Top 12 Girls, Plus Predictions!


Film Asik: Rekomendasi Layak Tonton Minggu Ini

King’s Speech Long before the Oscar panel make their prediction, we just know there’s a potential breakthrough on this movie. First indication: the cast. Second: the story. Who cares if King George VI of England was a stammer? Nobody, except if you urged the King for a national-historical speech performance in a week and put Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter in one frame. That’s a combo. Plus, the unusual directional framing of Tom Hooper (yeah, that’s why he got the Best Director award); which is a bit awkward according to official cinematographical treatment. If a director usually positioned the actor for a single shot in the mid of the frame, Mr. Hopper did it differently. He put it close to the edge, left ¾ blank space of the frame. However, it made a trademark. And Oscars too.

The Fighter I haven’t asked Ray his opinion on this movie – I’m trying to being honest here – but I’m certain he does think the same. CHRISTIAN BALE IS SOOO CRAZY HERE! He played the role of …

Album Review: GOODBYE LULLABY (2011) Avril Lavigne’s New Album

It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s (no longer) punk. And yes, it’s Avril Lavigne.

When I first assigned to write a review upon this brand new album, my mind was sparkled so like a fireworks. It’s good to see change, a bravery breakthrough of a singer. But no, certainly not, it is not about Katy Perry we’re talking here.

Two years past after the huge teenage-hit album: The Best Damn Thing (2008), the lady-punk Avril Lavigne finally released her new studio album on early this year: Goodbye Lullaby. Most say that it is personally revealed the brand new Avril but is it really so? Well, disagree. I personally thought, it’s a big break in Miss Lavigne discography; the reflection of her recent life beautifully expressed in meaningful lyrics and catchy-melancholic melody. Like other remarkable star of her era, Avril had the necessity to show that, like her life, so her songs continue to travel the time. She’s a grown up woman and it is obvious she would like to inform the world through Goodbye Lullab…

IDOL RECAP: Top 12 Guys, Plus Predictions!