My [Current] Bucket List

Firstly, some of you might wonder what is a bucket list. Well, obviously it isn’t a piece of paper you bring when visiting a grocery store. Or your mother list of pancake recipes. I’m getting silly here, so let’s just cut it off. 

A bucket list, is your list of wishes. The jargon literally taken from the movie with the same title “The Bucket List” starring Anthony Hopkins (if I’m not mistaken). Technically, you put in all the things you wish to have, everything you wish to do. Let’s say “The Bucket List” is a list you would love to give to Santa on Christmas.

I’ve been thinking recently, and I thought maybe it’s good idea to share my own bucket list online. Probably I might find someone (let’s called that stranger “The Fairy Godmother”) who likely to grant me all of that. You never know when your lucky day is. So, [finger crosses] let’s start.

"Joe's Bucket List" 

1.    MILLIONS of MONEY to effort my study abroad. Yes, I’m dying for this. I always wanna go abroad, since in junior high. This is the main reason why I keep practicing my English and keep myself being scholarship-funded. I like to study movie-making/illustration in a competent art-school; School of Visual Art in New York – or anywhere else but abroad. France or Germany are also fine. Or scholarship. I’ll give my best shot, I swear myself.

2.  I put the thing I wish to have since 2 years ago. A SUPERCOMPUTER + WORKSTATION. No joking. Not quite much like the supercomputer on Tron movie (or other techie stuff), but the real powerful one. I need it to for movie production. It kills me hundred times as I couldn’t effort movie production for my projects – both personal and commercial. It could be desktop or a MacPro. Certainly this would cost me around Rp 15 million and sadly my piggy isn’t that full.

3.   CANON DLSR 5D Mark II or 550D is just fine. For movie recording. I feel like an total idiot calling myself movie-maker while I have no camera recorder AT ALL! Everytime I make movie, it had an extremely long pre-production process including begging, moaning, praising or even crying to any of my fellas who are equipped with that thing.

4.   CULINARY SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP. This one is not for me, but for my sis. She’s (also) dying to be a cook but sadly, there’s no culinary school with official degree in this country but the tourism school. She’s as dilligent as I am, I make sure you that. If the answer is not coming, she’s going to tourism school studying hotelier.

5.  PROPER HOUSE. It shouldn’t be big, or beautiful. Just livable and cozy. It’s just not for me, but also for my family. My old house in my origin village is getting rotten day by day. Writing this while thinking about it really cut my hearts.

6.   AN INTERNSHIP – A REAL ONE – IN A PRODUCTION HOUSE/ ADS AGENCY. This is for my 8th semester actually. I’m preparing my portfolio. I need an internship that could really maximize my potential and to polish the skills + knowledge I had learn. Sadly, several companies here treat the trainee student as coffee-maker (S.E.R.V.A.N.T) which thus scared them to get into real workfield. This is MADNESS! I promise myself when I have my own company, I’ll treat the trainee students properly.

7.  A MATE. It could be male or female, I’m open to both genre. No further explanation on this one. [Ray, this is an OBVIOUS INDICATION that I PROBABLY gonna QUIT celibacy!]

8.   Nah. I start to getting stuck here. It’s pathetic to see that even the bucket list doesn’t reach no.10. Wait. Ah. WACOM GRAPHIC TABLET sounds cool. I love drawings and often find difficulties in colouring using mouse in Photoshop. Or a set of COPIC MARKER also fine. Honestly, I prefer manual hand-drawings and thus computerize it.

9.  Someone, A VOCAL COACH like MRS.BERTHA (a famous Indonesian vocal coach) that could tells me of WHAT KIND OF GENRE THAT FITS MY VOICE PERFECTLY or whether I could sing or not.  [Honest answer always hard, but certainly sweeter that undercovered lies] This has been a quite stressful issue for me. I’m tenor but I don’t know what songs I should really sing; some say it’s jazz (but I don’t like it), some say pop. But I think I should sing classics!

10   MARTIAL ART COURSE! Yeah! I prefer Aikido and still looking for an affordable dojo to learn this. The motive is simple, living in a capital city like Jakarta where criminals are everywhere, I need to protect myself. I always feel as fragile as baby everytime I go out. I had traumatic experience with harsh-beggars.

I won’t put MONEY/ BEING RICH (they both similar) or LAMBORGHINI or TRAVEL THE WORLD on that list. Those are ridiculous wish. 

“It’s not all about the money, money, money. We don’t need your money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance. Forget about the price tag!” – Jessie J [Price Tag]

She’s right. Money are just too, ehm, evil for me (but certainly before you buy a MacPro, you MUST check the price tag so it won’t robe your wallet!)  I make my wish clear. These enlisted are basics – as I could afford all those things, I believe I could expand the numbers on the list.

And yeah, let’s frankly speaking about fairness and justice. Most people may called this UNFAIR: poor people with big dreams struggle to make their wish become true, while the rich dudes – who could get all those golden opportunities – are sitting lazily and blow up money and time for nothing. I called this FAIRNESS and JUSTICE. This is the YIN and YANG! Human don’t deserved everything (though the rich dudes may look so). Yes, this is the optimistic Joe talking. We all have minus point – and for the poor like me, that parts are clear and obvious. 

Struggle is an art. Happiness is a personal decision. 

As long as I’m with THE ULTIMATE STRONGEST, I shall never be fallen. 

*Ps: I’ll tell y’all if I finally make any of the stuff on that list. Ciao!

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