Idol Recap: Will You Still Love James Tomorrow?

What’s going on Idol? Since this week is presented to Carole King, me searching for someone that can top her performance at least once which is so hard to do. When you talk about Carole King, it’s all about simplicity and the image can be found inside the singer/songwriter’s catalogue which is characterized by light vocals, simple melodies, and everyday lyrics. So I would say it’s actually quite easy to perform her songs and the chance to succeed is pretty big as long as it stays in the middle and don't think too much about the performance. You have to let go.

Under the magical spark of Carole King this week six remaining contestants are playing hardball and show how much they want the crown. Jacob against all odds and strut with Oh No, Not My Baby, but it seems for Lauren it's such a duty to take control and she is too afraid to ‘lead’. Come on, you can get much higher! The pressure is on baby and with a semi-safe performance you can’t cope in this round. The next is Scotty the Botty performing classic You’ve Got a Friend: rare on the outside, but juicy on the inside (I can hear the crack from Scotty’s precious country-twang shell) continued by James Durbin’s heavy-artistic yet marketable Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow rendition where Mr. Randy Jackson gets way too much on praises (seriously, dawg). Casey makes it theatrical and his ‘ti-di-di-di' amused Steven (well it calls scat, Stevie) and then Steven hears God when Haley sings so ‘beautifully’. Also this week the show features three duets each by Casey-Haley, Lauren-Scotty and James-Jacob. Ironically, these duets are bad. I don’t even wanna talk about it, wasting my time and yours. The show is incomplete without Jennifer Lopez as ‘the main target’, and this week Ryan (almost) gives her legs their own lines (I’ll surely vote for the left). At least we have something to replace last week’s Casey’s deadly kiss (with the same object).

I wanna talk about James’ performance [click here to watch]. The first part is absolutely brilliant, the second part sounds like he performs on a festival and then the last part is too much pushing and so irritating. It makes me frustrated because he almost nailed it (‘Carole King Factor’ is 3 inches away from his sight) if he keeps the tempo and emotion just like the heartwarming 1st-early 2nd part of the song. That way, it’s a winning performance and all the Randy Jackson’s talking will make sense. 

Then so far for me there’s no performer can beat Amy Winehouse’s cover of this magnificent love song (it’s Steven Tyler’s 1st kiss anthem). It’s a shame.

So, according to me Lauren is the weakest this week and Scotty is still the #1 candidate running for the title. Country rules! I drink to that.

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