Idol Recap: Road To The Big 5

Ok. Hold on a second. I need to pull a breathe.

                It’s time for the new Idol Recap! This is Joe, by the way. Ray is busy for his mid-term exam so I take his place for a while. This is my first time making an Idol Recap and I have to tell you that I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED! Never do this kinda thing before, let’s hope I didn’t messed it up (fingers cross).

Last week show had been less competitive that we all might predicted though the bar is now raised. Each contestant still afraid to unleash their powers  and simply played around on their safety zone  - or for James Durbin, imitated Adam Lambert’s style on Muse’s. Let’s check on them. 

               The show opened by Scotty singing LeAnn Rimes’ “Swingin’”. Sadly, I think he  was swingin’ too much on the show. Girls might still screaming but come on, wake up dude! He certainly has to rethink about Jlo’s word: Singing to win, no longer to survive. Mediocre yet boring. It’s not a country singing festival! If he still looks for the crown, I challenge him for ballad/jazz or dance.

                The second place, there was James Durbin singing “Uprising”. It’s an iconic song and I guessed he tried to present the best. The panels praised his performance but to be honest I didn’t see novelty points  or style but the screaming. Worse, his performance reminded me quite much to Adam Lambert – with all those leather black jackets and boots. Just a little bit too much. Jlo said it was the best performance of the show. She was either the same too much.

                Last week I was asking Ray why nobody in Idol ever dared to sing Adele’s song. Then came Hayley singing Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. Surprised plus excited, I finally concluded that it was a brave and all-fashioned performance. I loved the way she refined Adele’s gruff on that song into her sleek husky style.

                Casey on Maroon 5’s “Is There Nobody Out There”. Completely new, shocking (especially for Jlo and Steven Tyler) and way a bit over-expectation. Like a nuclear bomb; he could did a little rock too! So everyone loves Casey Abrams... Let’s pray so he would never be on “Idol Curse” (see previous post referring to the term).

                Jacob Lusk. This diva-ish contestant was too emotional singing “Dancing With My Father”. Out of control; tremor. The performance was technically lame though emotionally flawless. I understood his overwhelmed sadness on his father but the it was just over-personal for the stage.

                Next: Stefano on Ne-Yo’s “Closer”. It was highly expected performance but he drowned me to the bottom of the ocean. Was he singing or teasing the audience? The song is melancholic and sorrow but I don’t understand how could he made it sexy and naughty – with all those eye-blinks and shoulder moves. Thank God Jlo was awaken from Casey’s magic kiss effect.

                Lauren on “Born To Fly” (I don’t know whose song it is). Go along with the judges, it wasn’t disappointed, only below standard. I personally saw her singing like in high-school graduation; lovely nice but less charismatic. Hilarious but forgettable. I believe she has a superpower – Randy said she could sing all genres. I look for the tomorrow if she could answer Steven’s challenge for singing Faith Hill’s.

Eventually, I have to say that all contestant haven’t realised yet that the end is close. Some of them – like Casey and Scotty – enjoyed having fun playing around, the rest are complicated; trapped in dilemma to show the best: Lucas or continue playing hide and seek like Lauren. Jacob got a new lesson on how to sing perfectly with precise level of emotion. Tomorrow battle better be hotter.

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