5 Biggest Victims of 'Idol' Curse

Since the show began in 2002, we’ve seen some of the most powerful and talented contestants unexpectedly brought down by an invisible thing that contaminated the system. Let’s say, it’s a curse; we never know how it starts and then become a plague. One thing for sure each season has victim(s), and this year Pia Toscano [watch her final performance here] unfortunately took the bullet and experienced the legendary curse that already kicked these 5 people out of the competition, later considered as some of the biggest mistakes on Idol stage.
1. Melinda Doolittle
Ain’t nobody can touch her. Stand among the line of season 6’s great female contenders (Lakisha Jones, Jordin Sparks), Melinda constantly gave rocket performances and sets the bar so high each and every week, while she runs the competition smoothly inside her own league until the curse finally found her.
2. Chris Daughtry
He made it clear from the very first time that he will hold the whole competition with solid rock performances and professional artistry. It’s too good to be true until Daughtry got voted-off on season 5 final 4 week, proved the audience that for whatever reasons the curse still win.
3. Jennifer Hudson
Before the curse drowned LaToya London (Season 3) and failed her way to the top, another diva of the season has been kicked earlier. Right now, we recognize her as Grammy and Academy Award Winner both for her debut as an artist.
4. Michael Johns
Named ‘One of The Best Vocals of The Season’, rocker Michael Johns was voted-off early back in season 7. Actually it’s just a matter of time that he will be eliminated, because David Cook is too hard to beat. However, he’s definitely gone too soon. At least let him be in the top 5.
5. Lilly Scott
If Season 9’s Lilly Scott didn’t got voted-off during top 24 week, she will be a threat for the season’s runner up Crystal Bowersox and the quirky Siobhan Magnus because with such talent and personality (not to forget, her notable distinct voice) she could runs for the title and get a chance to meet bunch of music’s fab people.

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