Film Asik: Red Riding Hood, Gnomeo and Juliet, Country Strong, The Adjustment Bureau

I just woke up from my nap when I saw Joe’s comment on Facebook, said that I had to get ready to write about movie recap (it should be weekend and I don’t have to work at all…LOL). But I’ve been challenged to write about movies, which is something I love but it would better if I’m not messing around with it, because: 1. Joe knows this stuff more than me (he studies about it), 2. It makes me feel small, 3. I don’t want to ruin what people get from watching a movie; it’s different from music because movies are visual. They see it, they think about it with their brain. Music is a sound. You listened to it not just with your ears, but also with your heart.

Anyway I still agree to make a recap for movies I’ve watched this weekend (and I hope it can become something episodic like our weekly Playlist) so let’s just hope you guys will love this.

1. Red Riding Hood
“Never trust a stranger (or stalker?!)”, something so inspiring behind the making of nowadays’ restraining order. Good job Mrs.Who (I heard she’s worked with Twilight before), who changed a classic tale for children into a darker movie that will scared the hell out of’em and so not age-appropriate for kids under 5! I can’t remember her name so, X probably made this movie based on the tale but with her own mature interpretation among the elements. The red riding hood is not a kid anymore, she’s a teenager named Valerie who's going through a process of hormonal transition and sexual activation. Technically, I love the set. Acting part, Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman are pretty amazing but the other cast are just terrible (Shiloh, we don’t need your cute face). The script: L.A.M.E. Just because her father wants Valerie to be just like him (an ugly werewolf, but stronger), it doesn’t mean this idiot have to ruin the entire village only to get her! The lamer part is he bites her boyfriend (ugh)!! At the end of the movie, it’s au revoir, mi amor. Please don’t come back until you turning someone into a werewolf and bring it home so we can have a threesome on our shack.

2. Gnomeo and Juliet
Why they keep changing stories and tales that are written so beautifully into dratitude versions? Unlike Red Riding Hood, this movie is brighter even your face and stomach will still get hurt long after you walk through the exit door. What could be more ridiculous than watching bunch of little people (it’s Gnomes!) getting involved in a cold war between Red Hat and Blue Hat, talking in British accent, using a lawn mower as their race car/tank/killing machine, and the top of it is a forbidden love story that irritates me so much (Romeo and Juliet is a masterpiece, I can’t deny it but the ending just can’t be more stupid than any other story. Just saying)? I don’t know whether it’s a true Brit movie, or they make it Brit as homage to the original Shakespeare. Anyway, some of the lines are greatly romantic and those Elton John’s songs and jokes fit well.

3. Country Strong
At last, a MOVIE! I am so disappoint why they didn’t nominate Gwyneth Paltrow for Best Actress or the movie for Best Picture? Seriously, biggest mistake ever to just honor this awesome work with Best Original Song category. Hey, if Crazy Heart can get the same chance last year then why this one doesn’t? I don’t wanna talk about it too much because you must see it by yourself instead of reading this and thinking that I’m crazy talking big about it. Alright, acting: check, set: fabulous (I feel country strong!), cinematography: check, music: check, screenplay: better, songs: the original soundtrack CD is a must buy item on your list. Okay, you still think I’m too exaggerating? Walk The Line is still the best country movie ever! There you go.

4. The Adjustment Bureau
Maybe it’s not so smart, but this pretty-much action thriller is convincing (I still believe in H.I.M but for a second I also believe the existence of some people like The Adjustment Bureau, that they are real and take control on my life in a map book!). They make me believe about this idea until a line came up: “You are unreachable by them near the water or surrounding by it” (blah, crap). Matt Damon is the true star here, while Emily Blunt delivered another stellar performance and results a perfect marriage on scene with Damon (I even want them to be together for real, which is impossible). Just a thought, if they put more action it would be much better for the movie and the income.

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