Damn It's Hot! Hold It Against Me vs. Born This Way

In this era of video-streaming, we think battle amongst music video is a must. Besides, the promotion and publication of music video is wide-spread worldwide, every singer compete for early date-release for their MV. Though the song itself got rough beats, with the support of eye-catching music video, it could boost up the fame of both singer and their singles.

So the hottest competition in music industry probably goes to the coronation of who is going to be the Next Pop Queen. We all know for certain that, the era of Madonna is ending. So who is going to be crowned for that sophomore title?

There are several candidates here but the most severe clash would be among Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. So sorry if Katy Perry has not listed yet. She still has lots to prove.

Both Britney and Gaga released their single on close moment. Britney took the date first, maybe to show of her seniority in pop. Let’s take a look on their MV.

“If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”

The debut of the MV was like a BOOM! Brand new Britney eh? She came up still with her trademark; hot male dancers (or stripper; she better watch out this time) and glamorous dance steps. Compared respectively to her previous MV, she made a big break. New sponsor and new concept but sadly still old costumes (grown up, lady! You have kids but keep dressing like a porn star? The Cinderella gown is lovely anyway) and coreography. It didn’t show up the loliness which is pretty obvious within the song. What she tried to say? There is a battle scence on Britney vs. Britney which simply make the concept blurred altogether. I personally intepret the MV like her life track. The television and mics symbolized the press and probably stated that Britney is ready for bigger publication even though bad publications of her could really be thraumatic issue. The falling scence is quite clear: she was raised until hit the top but tragically falled due to personal problems. The fighting scence might be the metaphor of self-healing; the new Britney against the old-problematic one. And the closing scence, represents maturity, stability, and still, the glamourous Britney Spears.

This is the manifesto of Mother Monster...”

The opening quote obviously telling that; Gaga is making another art-video. This is one of her uniqueness; while other singer try to look flawless on MV, she put sillicon implant all over her face and played on placenta pool. The concept of “Born This Way” is gothicly visualised. It is not simply a MV, but a short movie.

Compared to her previous MV, she’s getting stranger and more awkward! The number of dislike is raising on YouTube as people getting hard to understand what she tries to show. The meaning is as clear as glass but people certainly question the way she visualised this concept of “Monster Born” in so-this monsterous way. For artist, she is a masterpiece but common people might find difficulties to keep up with her unique mind. We try to tolerate that, it is Lady Gaga making music video. What do you expect to see? She even able to force Beyonce to wear the extra-double sunglasses in Telephone!

The MV itself has sub-concepts: it tells story about birth, evil (represent by skull-being; Gaga and a man in tuxs), sex – at earlier, on several coreographic moves – and of course monster – everywhere.  She had a strong, clear concept and we praise her for the option of visualization taken.

So, who’s going to win this battle?
Both diva are picking their own concept seriously but the one more eye-catchy, glamour and beautiful MV would be Britney’s. To those who like multi-layered, hard-digestive but artistic MV, the crown goes to Gaga. So it’s all back to the song itself, MV just a help for the singer to get in touch to their fans.

Me myself, I go for Gaga.


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