Film Asik: Rekomendasi Layak Tonton Minggu Ini

King’s Speech
Long before the Oscar panel make their prediction, we just know there’s a potential breakthrough on this movie. First indication: the cast. Second: the story. Who cares if King George VI of England was a stammer? Nobody, except if you urged the King for a national-historical speech performance in a week and put Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter in one frame. That’s a combo. Plus, the unusual directional framing of Tom Hooper (yeah, that’s why he got the Best Director award); which is a bit awkward according to official cinematographical treatment. If a director usually positioned the actor for a single shot in the mid of the frame, Mr. Hopper did it differently. He put it close to the edge, left ¾ blank space of the frame. However, it made a trademark. And Oscars too.

The Fighter
I haven’t asked Ray his opinion on this movie – I’m trying to being honest here – but I’m certain he does think the same. CHRISTIAN BALE IS SOOO CRAZY HERE! He played the role of Dicky, Mark Wahlberg older brother, who is a junkie. I personally thought, he could switch role with Heath Ledger, playing Joker on Batman franchise.
The Fighter tells a story of a struggling-boxer (fighter) Micky (Mark Wahlberg) who tries to make his own fighting dream away from bad influence of his family: his mother Alice (Melissa Leo) and his older brother/ a former fighter who beat down Sugar Ray – but now junkie, Dicky (Christian Bale). Mick tries to realize his dream with the help of his optimistic girlfriend (played so brilliant by Amy Adams).
This one also a combo. This movie has a quite-common-girly themed story: dream comes true, but packaged in a dude’s way: through fighting. The semi-documentary style also a plus point. Salute for the whole cast for playing those conflictious characters close to perfect.

Let Me In
This last-year movie has its own impressive style for me. Firstly, we both praise the acts of the young actors, who are dominant in this movie: Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz. Feel familiar with those names? Well, take a look on their filmography: McPhee was starred in The Road, an epic-tendency drama with Viggo Montessen based on same-titled Pulitzer winner novel by Cormac McCarthy while Chloe Moretz was the Hit Girl on Kick-Ass.
Ray thought the movie has an anti-climax ending and I go along with him, so bad it should end up that way. We’re all looking for a happy ending, especially after half-and-hour performance of bloody-scene and dark, minor-lightning sets. There was a growing worries that this Hollywood version of Swedish movie titled: Let The Right One In would not be as big as the original version. Besides, it is filmed from a novel. I personally thought Let Me In is a really good movie. It could be a good example, especially for Indonesia horror movie actors. If kids like McPhee and Moretz could played so great on thriller-yet-horror movie, why the adults Indonesian actor CAN’T DO THAT? Foreign visitors, simply watch one of Indonesia horror movie, and you’ll understand...
Next To Watch:
Red Riding Hood
Movie adapted version of Grimm brothers remarkable fairytale starred Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman. The story would be about a giant wolf which terrors a small village. The villagers do human sacrifice monthly to avoid the attack But one day, the wolf kills innocence villagers though he already got the present. This raise up the anger of the villagers, so they ask a priest (Oldman) to drive out that beast. Unfortunately, the wolf has unique relation with Seyfried, who played the main role as Red Hood. We're dying to see the result! After The Wolfman (and out-of-our list the Twilight saga), wolf and vampires are today's hot issues. Too bad it might possibly be showed in cinemas in Indonesia (due to our ehm, tax policy on import movies)

Sucker Punch
Christopher Nolan's Inception makes multi-layered, hard-to-understand plus brain-breaker movie becomes hot trend to anyone who loves to think hard while watching movie. Sucker Punch is Zack Snyder latest project (yes ladies and gentlemen, THAT ZACK SNYDER!) and he stated that this movie would be like Alice in Wonderland with giant robots, German armies and guns. Take a look on the names of the cast: it had Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish and Jena Malone. Hot babes in machine guns, battling in imaginary world, yes that would even hotter!

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