Idol Recap: Top 13 Perform

Idol top 13 standouts with a fab show tribute to their personal idols. One of the best line-ups on Idol history sang Joe Cocker to Garth Brooks to Selena and Rihanna!

The show opened cheerfully with Little Lauren Alaina’s okay performance of Shania Twain’s debut “Any Man of Mine”. There’s nothing wrong about the song. She just not kickin’ some ass while performed (including mine and Steven Tyler’s).

Previous most explodes contestants are under control during performances. For example James Durbin in his rendition of Paul McCartney “Maybe I’m Amazed” showed lots of emotions and techniques instead of shouting words that hurts my ears, or Casey Abrams: A plethora of passion (quoted from Steven Tyler) who gave a performance of a lifetime which is unfortunately interfered by bunch of back-up singers, impromptu choirs-something that suddenly appeared in the middle of performance. Apparently it wasn’t worked that way for Pia Toscano and Jacob Lusk, who still brought their titanic voices and hit all the high notes with no mercy. There is no doubt that Pia can sing Celine, but can she handle Gaga? I want to see both of these contestants out of their box and blew the whole audience with their cool rendition of today’s hits. Jacob, can you do Ne-Yo for us please? Just asking.

To re-invent a classic is not easy as it may be. For some contestants, it was turned into a total disaster. Ashton Jones overwhelmed with Diana Ross’ “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” (wrong song baby), Haley Reinhart almost made everyone fell asleep during “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes (it’s actually a broken record from Patsy Cline who declined it) even though I appreciate her transition from soul to country with yodels as the mark, and Stefano Langone successfully ruined such a beautiful sad R&B ballad called “Lately” with adding disco tunes and changed the tempo too often. Dratitude! Lucky Thia Megia who sang “Smile”, although the process didn’t run so smooth when she changed the tune from classy to jazzy with some beats, she still got our compliments and also praises from judges especially JLo with a comment, “You sing like an angel”.

While our miss diva Ashton struggled to be “A Diana Ross Idol Blueprint”, Paul McDonald and Karen Rodriguez didn’t have to work that hard. Staying in their comfort zone, it worked really well for Paul who sang Bryan Adams wearing his notable jacket. His ‘chicken wing’ style kinda be his signature now, just like his attitude and his voice. Meanwhile Karen made us keeping up with her Latin flavor, and this time she’s using ‘Selena’ as a bribe for JLo. Sweety, I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way. In the end, those low notes really knock you down and you seem uncomfortable. Try something new. Top notch for this ‘mute’ group was Scotty McCreery. What else can I say? He’s a good country singer and under studied story teller, whose gonna be so damn great someday if he keeps learning to make us feel connected. Yes, we believe in you.

At last, our wild card hopeful Naima Adedapo brought the house down through her rendition of Rihanna’s 2007 “Umbrella”. OMG she performed like a real hip recording artist! The rap, the dance, the reggae, I am definitely sure if Simon still judged he will pee on his pants and cry like a baby.
Based on their performances of the night, Ashton is on the edge to leave this competition. Karen, Haley and Stefano may also hit the bottom 3 along with her. Vote vote vote!!!

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