Album Review: 'Remember' Jennifer Hudson?

What do you know about Jennifer Hudson? Facts: American Idol alum, Oscar and Grammy Winner. What do you remember about her? Plus size talented female artist with gigantic vocal. When you take a look and listen to her right now, can you remember the way you remembered her? No, you can’t. Well, it’s still all her, mostly mid-tempos, but shrank in size and surprises.

It wouldn’t be a very bright and happy face after listened to “I Remember Me”. Yes it is a pure R&B album, unfortunately with No preservatives music ingredients. Unlike the self-titled debut which did won a Grammy for Best R&B Album, this sophomore just don’t come up with all the possible experiments in soul train, hip-hop touch, up-tempos and pop sparks (an extra credit for bringing back the gospel style in ‘Believe’ cover, turning the ole country song by the unstoppable Brooks & Dunn in such a brilliant way). Would it be a threat? Commercially it’s in your hand, music buyers. Critically, 65% yes. There are dozens of reasons that people will tell not to buy this album: it’s flat and forgettable, too safe and sound (in this time her risky technique in hitting the high notes fearlessly is being missed), etc. Growing a stagnant point inside a music creation is fatale because in the end you’ll get songs that are not special, worthless, and dull.

A pill to heal your disappointment: with her new gorgeous slim body, Hudson’s diva essence is getting stronger and she put an excellent singing control for every song, so it won’t kill your hearings.
Will you still remember it next year?

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