Playlist: 5 Eargasm Singles This Week

Speechless – Alicia Keys ft. Eve
After the sophisticated breakthrough of “Empire State of Mind”, Alicia is back on her basic track.  This song reminds me on her early singles, but with a touch of maturity. RnB plain. And so she picked Eve for duet. This song is so Alicia. Plus her piano of course.
The words telling me that, it is a love song. An expression of thankful, finding so this long-waited boy (Who is he, Alicia?) Steady and neat, nothing really special for me on this song. No such huge innovation. It is just because the difference is very deep, respectively to “Empire State of Mind”. On that Grammy-winner song, Alicia put a quite dark-disco beat while on this one, she play safely. Still cozy on ears but I start to get bored on the fourth repetition.

Till The World Ends – Britney Spears
The title tells it all. This (ex-)Pop Queen is seeing doomsday on her career. I mean, come on Brit! I appreciate her effort to keep up with today pop trends but hey, if other “senior” singer could really exist by consistently run on their tracks, why she could not do that?
As many critics have mentioned, yes, I have to agree, this is Ke$ha stuff though Britney doesn’t make it that straight. It still her, but too much disco. From so many possible combo of notes, she picked this one for a song? I knew her previously better, more creative. Tell me if I’m wrong, there are similar notes to “Breathe On Me” (2003). She made this too easy. If these released singles: Hold It Against Me and this one potray the upcoming album: Femme Fatale, I would say it’s gonna be hard. Today’s portion is clear: Ke$ha on electro-pop, Gaga on her monsterous songs and leave the rest to Katy.

Whenever – The Black Eyed Peas
I think this one is a good sample on how senior artist keep up with today’s phenomena of disco. I think disco is all about beats. It push the beats harder. No vice versa. So basically if the real song doesn’t have any cool beats, than mixing it with disco simply gonna ruined it all.
The Black Eyed Peas always know how to make entrance. The song itself is really simple but had the basic recipe; I could already hear the accoustic version of it. The lyric and the story quite touchy; innovative invention of B.E.P who obviously realise too many electronic sounds lead to catastrophic bore.

I Do – Colbie Caillat
Long time no see Ms. Caillat and looks like she played a lot with her guitar.
This song is hip, young and quite, uhm - what’s the jargon here – tropical. She might composed this on a trip to Hawaii but the result is good. Sunshine, sunflowers and green grass, that’s how I describe this song. I don’t see the correlation between the lyric and the whole notes but it must be linked by something. Recommended for fun.

The Last Dance – Claire Maguire
Pop and so British. Yet, she is British.
I would congrats her for singing a qualitious song like this. I mean, she got unique voice, one of the X-Factor I always look upon newcomer. Sounds a bit like Florence and The Machine but in notable way, novel. Still, no guarantee whether this song is going to make a big entrace on the chart or not. I see that she tries to bring up this kind of Irish pop genre and while hiphop and electro-pop dominating the chart, it would cost her much. Listener who don’t get used to this kind of genre might feel the beat but bored at the repetition.

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