Album Review: GOODBYE LULLABY (2011) Avril Lavigne’s New Album

It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s (no longer) punk. And yes, it’s Avril Lavigne.

When I first assigned to write a review upon this brand new album, my mind was sparkled so like a fireworks. It’s good to see change, a bravery breakthrough of a singer. But no, certainly not, it is not about Katy Perry we’re talking here.

Two years past after the huge teenage-hit album: The Best Damn Thing (2008), the lady-punk Avril Lavigne finally released her new studio album on early this year: Goodbye Lullaby. Most say that it is personally revealed the brand new Avril but is it really so? Well, disagree. I personally thought, it’s a big break in Miss Lavigne discography; the reflection of her recent life beautifully expressed in meaningful lyrics and catchy-melancholic melody. Like other remarkable star of her era, Avril had the necessity to show that, like her life, so her songs continue to travel the time. She’s a grown up woman and it is obvious she would like to inform the world through Goodbye Lullaby. Doesn’t mean that she lost her trademark: the guitar and the drums are still tuned-in. Somehow I could simply feel the “mature-woman singing” in her tracks without feeling like getting older. Ageless.

Avril’s decision to redeem the punk beats over the songs is worth for salutation. Though like I said, she doesn’t lost her touch. She did her born-with things on this album and it’s all done very well. She dared to show her maturity with her own way, rather than keep up with this questionable trend of electro-dance in present pop music. No featuring, no hip-hop, and no black singer do rap: it’s all Avril full-packed and her guitar, trying to make music. If you look for a teenage girl with pink-highlighted hair and leather boots roaming over the NY street, sadly you won’t find it here. But if you look for a woman, yes, she’s available now.

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