Boyband Fever: The SM*SH Effect

I’m gonna start this article – as usual – with a question.

Who is patient enough to keep up with Indonesia music industry phenomena, any of you?

No one?

So am I.

I gave up and quit long-long time ago, even since I was in elementary school. Since that day, I decide to keep up with West music. Let’s just be open here, ok? They’re much more impressive. Definitely.

You might wonder what’s the correlation among the title of this article and things I’m talking on here. Indonesia music industry never been this attractive to me, until now. I start to umm, catch this glance when the boyband era begin. This so I called “boyband-era” started around 2008 when dozen of boybands showed up on stage and got thousands of fans.Their singles roaming all over the country. The name of the band could almost be listed alphabetically: it covers all letters – from A to Z. After their debut album, they got disappeared and the new band would replace them. 

None of them ever be eye-catching enough for me. I mean, they all look the same. Nothing special. The big hit was really work on latest 2010, when this boys group put their MV on YouTube. I’m talking about SMASH here. The number of dislikes grew up like a comet as this band imitating Korean boyband; the look, the clothes, the hairstyle, even the coreography moves. (If I’m not mistaken, the Korean already has their own boyband named SMASH). What’s the innovation they come up with? Obviously nothing. Eventhough, things change upside down faster. Just now, they have became the hottest boyband in Indonesia music industry! 


Ok, let’s take a look. It’s already been a public secret that, Korean TV Series are really populer, specifically among the girls. Everyone loves cute boys. Even the emo-look, who brought it first? The Korean boys? Maybe. Looks like everything they bring up onto the stage become the next “IT” thing. This new SMASH band knows exactly that, they don’t have to come up with new innovative thing. Simply IMMITATE it from the Korean. It doesn’t make them Korean but yes, it works for getting fans much enough like the Korean boyband had. 

As Indonesian, I’m ashamed to admit that, we almost immitate everything and magically that immitation thing would become well-know, even more popular than the original.

I’m not saying SMASH has nothing but fake. If a (random) music producer thought they have the capabilities for forming a boyband, the reason must be logical. First criterion, as boyband, could they sing? Hmm, generally yes but still, no fantastic voices. Good? No. Common? Yes.

Second, the look. This would be a riddiculous question. Do they have the look? Well, they have their own TV Series right now so yes, they have it.

Third, spectacular stage performance. This one also included. Take a look on their MV. Seems like they had perfectly remembered the coreography as they able to repeat it so many times when they’re singing live with lip-sing. The girls scream. Yes, they have it.

The only one I keep complaining on them simply the ORIGINALITY. It’s easier to copy other’s style, especially if it’s practically-proved succeed. It is hard to generate something new, but hey, Indonesia is a great country with various culture. Why they don’t try to come up with something more ethnic. No guarantee of success literally, but at least they still have the look that would certainly sell. 

By the end, I keep on the ideal way that, originality is important. If you getting something big, let’s say fame and fans, but by immitating other style, then the fame and fans would be also fake. Vice versa.

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