Album Review: Ricky Martin "Musica+Alma+Sexo"

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Ricky Martin "Musica+Alma+Sexo (Music+Soul+Sex)"
Music-O-Meter: 7.1/10

Despite of late sexual issue, Ricky Martin delivered 'MAS' early this month: it's still acceptable no matter what's your sex or sexuality. 'MAS' featured a current and universal music. As the title said, the album combines latin music with soul, plus dance beats to sex it all up. Even though for some people it would be hard to understand the words, I can guarantee that language won't be your very fatal situation because it turns out the blend of trance beats, rock guitars and pop flavor is enjoyable and satisfying.

Musica+Alma+Sexo is a rich and outgrowing album. The opening tracks "Mas" and "Frio" is much more like "Jaleo" from the album Almas Del Silencio. This type of track is what Martin really is; it's his music personality. Both tracks have sophisticated arrangements it can boost your spirit. "Cantame Tu Vida" is what I called as a perfect marriage of three major components that Martin tries to say: music, soul and sex. It signatures and strengthen the whole package, and then with Joss Stone Martin took "The Best Thing about Me is You" further; it leap to another different round and show his maturity. Unfortunately, the hit single "Shine" is just ordinary and flat, but more radio catchy. Throughout 'MAS', Ricky Martin raises the bar for today's latin music: how to sell it worldwide, not just in North America and serve it proportionally, and for it I give credits to this pleasurable and complete record.

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