Land of Fab: 2010 Blog Traffic

2010 had been a very exciting year for me! So many things happen:
1. I'd (finally) submitted my novel; "The Rich and The Lucky One" to publisher. Now I wait for the respond. That's my 2010 resolution anyway, and I'm happy for made it real! Wish it accepted and be publish soon enough (finger cross)

2. See that picture up there? Yes, that's a print screen for "Hello Metamorphosis!"'s traffic. It got about 500 views on 2010. Know what, I had never been thinking of doing blog as serious activity, until I saw that overview. WOW! I was starting blogging as assignment (my lecturer asked the student to build a blog) and I just put some not-so-important articles on it. I never checked it for months, until one day, I got very curious about how was the blog going. I checked it (a bit lost on the username and pass) and KABOOM! Woohoo! All those visitors, I was felt like a superstar (Lady Gaga?)

So I contacted my friend, Mr. Ray Moniaga and start to make commitment (the idea just showed up) that I was seriously thinking to blog. He agreed and promised to contribute articles weekly. And so the blog keeps running...

3. So now you guys have known my motivation (LOL). I promise you I will do my best effort for this blog. I try to collect as many exciting plus impressive things I could find (or I'm able to create) and post it a.s.a.p. Keep up with the achieves and I hope you guys would be happy.
Promise it won't be boring.

4. According to that overview, I got visitors first from my own country Indonesia, then the US. I'm thinking of make the blog bilingual if possible, so all visitors could understand the contents. Would that be nice? (another finger cross)

That's all I've got to say. Keep watching, guys!


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