DAMN, IT'S HOT: Jennifer Vs. Jennifer: The Battle of Two Genres

Damn It’s Hot!
Super hot, new releases singles and albums reviews by Ray Moniaga

The Grammy winner RnB singer is back with her new sophomore single.
Our Latin diva, who's now sorting the upcoming American Idol, is back on stage.
Please say "Welcome" to these fabulous Jennifers!

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull “On The Floor”
Music-O-Meter: 6/10

The music is dance, and the main artist is JLo. This is a perfect formula for an instant hit, but why suddenly it all drowned in a constant boredom, with empty beats and typical words?
                The existence of feature artist(s) is mostly based on commercial aspect. In this case, Pitbull succeed to steal the spot and make this record a blast. Without his rap, it’s a total failure and Jennifer Lopez may consider where is she gonna bring her music next time, after the last time she didn’t ‘do it well’ with “Louboutins”. “On The Floor” contains sample from Kaoma’s early ’90 hit “Lambada”, which is one of my favorite songs from the decade. Luckily, they put the sample so this new song can get a hook.
                From lack of sparks to the voice arrangement, this is such another meltdown. We expect more from JLo, and her upcoming album Love?, out summer; instead of a new single that is way too usual. Many parts of JLo’s voice come out as an edited, and the super bass beats her voice real hard. This terrible arrangement makes her voice unidentified, or standard just like the other dance record they play on night-clubs. It makes this new record lost its worth. 

Jennifer Hudson “Where You At”
Music-O-Meter: 8.3/10

Great singers always try to tell something through their song. This time, Jennifer Hudson makes herself clear that loyalty is number one. “You said when the storm came, that you will be there with your umbrella to block the rain”, the first line said. Then “I went to sleep in the cloud, and then I woke up in the dirt…” “Tell me where you at baby, when you said you’d be right there for me…” She represents the broken-hearted girls, obviously. Simple lyrics; they are taken from everyday words.
                There is no doubt that this ballad has a great arrangement, and great melody. Vocally, I appreciate Jennifer’s effort to expand her range. She really works on low notes, and push hard to make the falsetto perfect even though it’s not the smoothest falsetto I ever heard. On the high notes, Jennifer is still effortless.
                Her upcoming album, I Remember Me will be released on March 22. A smart choice to release “Where You At”: magnitude, and soulful.

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