Having holiday? Come to Tomohon!

"Mt. Lokon at 4.00 pm" - by Me

 "The Open Sky" by Me

"Bloom in Winter" - Tomohon, by Me

 "Dried and Dying" - Tomohon, by Me

"Mt. Lokon at 4.00 pm Part II" - by Me

"Looks like in Hawaii but no, it's still in Tomohon..." - by me

"The Rich House in Wailan" - Tomohon, by me

"Mysterious Beauty" - by me

"Cherrish" - by me

"The Old Times in Tomohon" - by me
This holiday I had a chance to visit a small wonderful town, Tomohon. It is located at the hill of Mount Lokon in North Sulawesi. Just like another small town, everybody there were  kind and very hospitable especially to strangers. I was a little disappointed because I hadn't visited another marvel sites there. Fortunately by the end of this year I'm going return there for Christmas, and I'll certainly bring my camera, so it's gonna be a lot of fun.

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