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The Wonder of Wonder Woman: Movie Recap

Fab Score: 4 of 5
(Contains spoiler)
Tom Cruise's "The Mummy" hit Indonesia cinemas yesterday - earlier than the international openings - and movie enthusiasts rushed to watch it. I went to the cinema yesterday, searching for affordable entertainment. I did not know that "The Mummy" opened yesterday and honestly did not quite interest to watch it. I had watched Tom acting as a soldier, lover, one-eyed Nazi colonel, secret agent, space scientist, and many other roles, so the prospect of seeing him as a mummy-defender archaeologist did not quite tempt me, at least not now. Sorry folks, not a member Cruise crush groupies.

However, I was dying to see Wonder Woman. Most reviews praised it as a heartwarming girl-power movie comboed with testoteronic actions. As promising as it sounds, it was not my reason to come to the cinema yesterday. I had to see Wonder Woman because it is the first superheroine movie in the last few decades: how many times we see a heroine in movi…

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